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Reef Manta

  • Date: March 26, 2017

  • Object: Fishinghook Sculpture

  • Partner: Sea Shepherd


01. Spiritual symbol

deer God Kauyumari

Mantas are one of the most breathtaking creatures in the sea. The populations of both manta species are in critical condition and as these beautiful friendly megafauna migrate through international waters. The risk of their extinction has increased in recent years, due to overfishing, entanglement and pollution. The works are therefore an ode to what we can still cherish of wonderful natural phenomena on our blue planet. The light of an auditorium or light ceiling is a perfect place to see the aesthetically pleasing shapes of these animals to show. In this special environment you can make the visitor think about which path we as a dominant species can choose for the well-being of our home and the key role that our oceans play in this.

Reef Manta

2016 – Present