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Hooked on life

Dusky Shark

  • Date: March 26, 2017

  • Object: Fishinghook Sculpture


01.Dusky Shark

The stainless steel fishhooks used in the ‘Hooked on Life’ series serve as  a symbol of human endeavor and our relationship with nature. These shining barbs have allowed us to fish the oceans and provided us with a steady source of food for millennia.

In East Timor, fishhooks have been unearthed dating as far back as  42,000 years. These ancient tools, handcrafted from seashells, symbolize  a time when we were in harmony with our natural environment. Today, however, these same tools serve as a symbol for humankind’s destruction of our marine environment. For the first time in history, we as a species will have to rise to the challenge to collectively protect the vastest wilderness we know – the ocean depths, and beyond.

Dusky Shark


1200 stainless steel longline fishhooks

200 cm